About Me


It was an injury (lumbar disc prolapse) that led me directly into personal training, though. As I went through the rehabilitation process and gradually regained my strength and my physique, I realized that this was what I could do to make the most significant impact possible on others. Combining what I already knew about therapy with what I was learning about anatomy (and what I had picked up on my own regarding fitness, especially during a bodybuilding career and two years of CrossFit), I started to guide others along their fitness journeys.

My passions today are Olympic lifting, functional training, resistance training. HOWEVER, what I learned in CrossFit has carried over into all areas of my training, giving me an in-depth and intuitive sense of the body's movements, what causes injury, and what leads most reliably to power and stamina.


Serving today as a personal trainer, I offer a breadth of services, everything from exercise education to remedial therapy. My philosophy is this: any physical ailments limiting you, any beliefs that you have about your capacity for growth, anything that is preventing you from reaching your full potential, you can move through and past. Does that mean it's easy to get the heights of physical fitness? Of course not! It takes complete mastery of the mind, body, and spirit. If you apply yourself enthusiastically, though, you can undoubtedly breakthrough whatever walls may seem to be standing between you and your brightest future.

Today I offer advanced remedial programmes for professional athletes and dancers in addition to general personal training services. All my services and therapies are customized for you. Working methodically, I can help you figure out how to make long-lasting changes and own a healthy lifestyle that is filled with wellness, happiness, and personal achievement!


I hope to hear from you soon so that we can get started on your ultimate fitness journey.

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