About Me

Although I no longer do CrossFit, I still stay extremely active. My passions today are for Olympic lifting, functional training, resistance training, and a little bodybuilding. What I learned in CrossFit, however, has carried over into all areas of my training, giving me an in-depth and intuitive sense of the body's movements, what causes injury, and what leads most reliably to power and stamina.


Serving today as a personal trainer, I offer a breadth of services, everything from exercise education to remedial therapy. My philosophy is this: any physical ailments that are limiting you, any beliefs that you have about your capacity for growth, anything that is preventing you from reaching your full potential, you can move through and past. Does that mean it's easy to reach the heights of physical fitness? Of course not! It takes a complete mastery of the mind, body, and spirit. If you apply yourself enthusiastically though, you can certainly break through whatever walls may seem to be standing between you and your brightest future.


I know that gyms can be intimidating. As more and more advanced equipment makes its way onto fitness centre floors, it can seem like you need a formal education just to get yourself healthy. Maybe you feel limited physically, your confidence is low, or you just aren't sure where to begin. My fitness programme is designed for ease-of-use, taking what I have learned in bodybuilding, CrossFit, resistance training, even kickboxing, and other exercises to optimize the effort you are putting in so that you will see improvement in your technique, strength, and flexibility sooner and more clearly.


When injury struck me, I was already halfway through my Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching education, so I had a solid idea of what was going on inside my body and how I could measure my neuro-musculoskeletal system to analyse it. Healing myself from this injury was a life-altering experience for me, giving me a first-person perspective of just what I had been doing for my massage clients and just what I could do for others. I also came into the realization that all the parts of the body – the joints, the nerves, the muscles, everything – work in pairs which in turn work in conjunction with each other, making the body a fully integrated system. (If one part isn't working right, nothing is working right!)

Because I understand biomechanics and because I know how to apply my understanding practically, I am uniquely qualified to help people overcome and avoid injury. We have all heard about the person who threw out their back bending over to pick up a pen; maybe you are that person. Let me say this: it was never the pen, but rather the weight of years of compensating and poor alignment that led to the injury.


The more that you and I work together, the more that I will understand your body specifically, which will make me that much more effective at helping you. Recovery takes time. My recovery, for instance, took six months. Six months of slow progress – only to end up back where I had been before the prolapsed disc! Take it from me, though: recovery is always worth the time and effort that it takes. Your body will thank you, you will feel like you have reclaimed your life, and you will be a stronger person because of what you have gone through.


Today I offer advanced remedial programmes for professional athletes and dancers in addition to general personal training services. All my services and therapies are customized to you. Working methodically, I can help you figure out how to make long-lasting changes and own a healthy lifestyle that is filled with wellness, happiness, and personal achievement!


I hope to hear from you soon so that we can get started on your ultimate fitness journey.