Lately, I’ve started to hear a lot of complaints about knee pain during squats (especially lunges) and running. Subsequently, these people have had to stop exercising or running and tell me about meniscus and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) damage, with possible surgery on the horizon.

Assessing neuromuscular imbalances should be important both for athletes or anyone who is committed to a training programme so they can see the potential risk of injury, especially the common risk of ACL. If the knee joint isn't being adequately or correctly supported then the ligaments can over-dominate and control the direction of movement, running, lunges, pistols, Bulgarian squats etc.
Sports Massage techniques coupled with dry needling and stimulation of the knee cavity with electro impulses can ease the area for a while, but it's also important to screen the person to see if there are any other imbalances that are causing these problems to occur in the first place. These imbalances could be originating through the hip (tight hip rotators) or even the feet. If we then also use corrective Intrinsic BioMechanical exercises to take the load of the knee so we can regain the body's optimum functionality