After my lower back injury, It took me six months to return to full fitness and start running again.  This was a breakthrough experience that inspired my decision to become a personal trainer to add to my existing skills as a remedial physical expert.  This dual capability enables me to provide an injury free training programme for your specific physical condition and to provide the right remedial treatment to ensure any problems with your physical condition can be dealt with effectively.  As my knowledge of your body grows through working with you on these two aspects of physical health, my effectiveness improves.


I work with a wide variety of individuals from many walks of life and of various ages including people wanting a one-off solution to physical problems or those wanting a regular body maintenance and training programme. I aim to blend sports therapy and personal training into a lifestyle. 


I also offer advanced remedial programmes for professional athletes and dancers suffering injury and looking for remedial therapy which is specifically geared to their chosen activity. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and I can provide you with a personalised experience by combining all the elements of my knowledge and expertise to tailor a training and treatment plan specific to your unique situation or problems.


Well-being however is a shared responsibility between the client and therapist/trainer. Together we will learn how you use your body, understand its range of motion, how your body reacts to your lifestyle and it affects your posture. I use biomechanical screening to identify muscle weakness or dysfunction and highlight any ‘holding patterns’ or stressful behaviours and empower you to prevent, reduce or manage all problems while improving your overall health and fitness.