Personal Training

My approach to your training



My philosophy is to follow the fundamentals of maintaining a healthy active body throughout life, without this there will always be a risk of injury or ill-health. 


I aim to work methodically alongside you to achieve long-lasting changes to improve your movement ability.  This will have a direct positive impact on your life.  While setting goals for your training (e.g. gaining muscle mass, get lean, diet) we will be focusing on improving the movement ability that we humans need to have a long and healthy life including squatting, sitting and standing, bending, lifting, reaching, throwing, hanging, pulling and pushing.  


With me, you will be able to move better, be in less pain and feel more energetic.

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Customer Feedback

Heath Atkins

Plummer 51yrs

Mesut was recommended to me by my neighbour about my sciatic symptoms
As a plumber I was struggling to drive, carrying tools, boilers, climbing ladders and walking. I had massive balance issues. He diagnosed me a piriformis syndrome and treated me with some acupuncture, stretching exercises. I Was
Back to work full time .
I started training with him in January 2018.
He focuses on posture and alignment to make me keep going with my plumbing work. Along with his resistance training, I feel fit and in a good a shape.
He also treats my mother-in-law Ivy, which is 80yrs. She lives in the US and she makes sure to book in with Mesut in her every visit and she is physically in a lot better shape and no longer using walking sticks.

Steve Anderson

 Publisher 55 yrs

Mesut Olcas was introduced to me in 2017 by my GP. I was handed a web page print-out and toldby my respected doctor “this is someone you need to go and see”.

At the time my health was good, but mobility could be better, and I had niggling pains, primarily from a total shoulder replacement many years earlier. I had been privately seeing a physiotherapist and told by them that there was nothing further that could be achieved.

I ignored the sage advice from my GP and discarded the page to a drawer at home.

Late September last year I was in agony with my shoulder. I had taken myself back to the gym and thought was doing well. No!
I immediately thought of my GP’s advice and called Mesut. After just one session of therapy 90% of the pain had gone and I could move my arm again.

For the past 6 months I have been seeing Mesut weekly; both for therapy, treatment including acupuncture, and in training at the gym.

In therapy he is a genius. He genuinely cares and achieves results. The aches are a fraction from before and my mobility is increasing all the time.
And in training at the gym; for me Mesut is the only trainer I would consider working with. He understands my goals and supports me in striving for these. But a big factor is safety, ensuring posture is correct and choosing the right apparatus and routines appropriate for me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mesut to anyone. A huge thank you Mesut

Kyle Mitchell 

Steven Callis

Judy Counihan

Creative Director 57yrs

I have been training with Mesut for a year. When we started I couldn’t go running, I had constant hip pain and a knee injury. Through diligent work and treatment from Mesut, I am now pain-free, have commenced running and no longer have any injuries. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than I have done in years and this down to Mesut and the techniques, training programmes and treatment he applies to his clients.

Andrew Kay

Mark Lucas