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The aim of sports therapy is to massage and manipulate the muscles, stretch out the fascia and work remedially to ease tightness and restrictions. It can help you prevents and recover from injury and is beneficial to people of all ages, fitness level and mobility.


I have experienced significant injury so personally know how challenging it is if you lose fitness, live with pain and work through the rehabilitation process. I can assure you that recovery is always worth the time and effort. Your body will thank you; you will feel like you have reclaimed your life and become more resilient for it.


We have all heard about the person who threw out their back bending over to pick up a dollar bill; maybe you are that person. Let me say this: it was never the dollar bill but rather the years of compensating and poor alignment that led to injury. Because I understand biomechanics and know how to apply my understanding practically, I am uniquely qualified to help people overcome and prevent injury. 


Over the past 15 years, I have designed strategies that are uniquely my own and combine several therapeutic and clinical approaches including osteopathic manipulation, bio-mechanics screening, sports massage, medical acupuncture (dry needling), postural awareness, muscle relaxation and stretching. These have been proved to be highly successful in delivering results for my clients who include professional athletes and dancers together with a wide range of individuals recovering from injuries or surgery. 


I can assess how effectively your body is functioning, identify areas of weakness and put together a programme with prescribed exercises to improve your mobility and develop optimal function. The remedial programme I create will be specifically customised to your needs and working methodically together, we can ensure you make long-lasting changes.


To find out more about the results I have delivered for my clients using clinical sports therapy, please look at my testimonials below or contact me today for an initial chat about your current needs.


I have been having treatments from Mesut for many years.  Mesut has excelled in helping me with not only body maintenance/massage/acupuncture but also rehabilitation from a back injury. Mesut prepared a rehab programme in the gym resulting in my personal fitness levels being at an all-time high. Having travelled considerably for work I have tried many massage therapists. I’m yet to find anyone better (and doubt I will)

Robin Windsor 

Strictly Come Dancing BBC

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