There are many reasons why you may be interested in working with a personal trainer. It could be to overcome a physical issue that is affecting your ability to work, look great on your summer holiday, run a marathon, lose weight or be able to play with your kids, or even your grandkids, as you get older. Whatever your personal fitness goal, I would be delighted to work with you to fulfil and move beyond it. 


My fitness programmes are designed for ease-of-use and take the best of what I have learnt from my experience in CrossFit, resistance training and Olympic and power lifting plus biomechanics and sports therapy to optimise the effort you put in. 


My aim is to improve my clients’ strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility and postural alignment by using principles in strength and conditioning to sustain a healthy body and to enhance your lifestyle. 


The numerous physical benefits you will enjoy include improved movement quality, better posture, faster metabolism together with injury prevention and faster recovery after injury. Your programme will also help you gain mental benefits such as improved mood and better focus and concentration. 


The more we work together, the more I will understand your body and that in turn allows me to become more effective at helping you. Whilst you will see and feel results quickly, we will also focus on identifying activities you enjoy so you remain motivated and fully engaged with the process of sustaining your physical health for the long term. 


This isn’t just personal training – it’s about your personal rediscovery. Fitness is a journey, not a destination and if you apply yourself enthusiastically you can break through whatever walls may seem to be standing between you and your brightest future. Please do get in touch for an initial chat about how I can guide you on your fitness journey.


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Robin Windsor 
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I have been having treatments from Mesut for many years.  Mesut has excelled in helping me with not only body maintenance/massage/acupuncture but also rehabilitation from a back injury. Mesut prepared a rehab programme in the gym resulting in my personal fitness levels being at an all-time high. Having travelled considerably for work I have tried many massage therapists. I’m yet to find anyone better (and doubt I will)