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Are you considering working with a personal trainer? There are several compelling reasons to do so. Whether you want to overcome a physical issue, get in shape for your summer holiday, run a marathon, shed some pounds, or play actively with your kids or grandkids as you age, I'm here to help you achieve your fitness goals and go beyond them.

My fitness programs are designed for simplicity and effectiveness, drawing from my extensive experience in resistance training, Olympic and powerlifting, CrossFit, biomechanics, and sports therapy. I aim to optimise your efforts and enhance your strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, and postural alignment, contributing to a healthier body and a better lifestyle.

The benefits of our collaboration extend beyond the physical realm. You can expect improved movement quality, better posture, a boosted metabolism, reduced injury risk, and faster recovery. Additionally, the program will positively impact your mental well-being, resulting in improved mood, focus, and concentration.

As we continue working together, I will gain a deeper understanding of your body, enabling me to be even more effective in assisting you. While you'll experience noticeable results quickly, we will also focus on discovering activities you enjoy, keeping you motivated and fully engaged in sustaining your physical health for the long term.

This is more than just personal training—it's about rediscovering yourself. Fitness is a continuous journey, not just a destination. With your enthusiastic commitment, we can break any barriers between you and your brightest future. I invite you to reach out for an initial chat about how I can guide your fitness journey. Let's embark on this transformative experience together.


I have been having treatments from Mesut for many years.  Mesut has excelled in helping me with not only body maintenance/massage/acupuncture but also rehabilitation from a back injury. Mesut prepared a rehab programme in the gym resulting in my personal fitness levels being at an all-time high. Having travelled considerably for work I have tried many massage therapists. I’m yet to find anyone better (and doubt I will)

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