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Early in my career as a therapist, I discovered a deep satisfaction in helping people. I knew I was making a genuine difference to people’s lives and that meant the world to me. 


Whenever a client told me I had helped them to find relief, I felt newly invigorated to continue learning about the human body and applying myself in the service of others. Over the past 16 years, I have built up my knowledge and qualifications (see full list below) and designed my own unique blend of clinical sports therapy services. 


It was an injury of my own (lumbar disc prolapse) and my rehabilitation process that led me to further study of anatomy and qualifying as a personal trainer. At the time, I was already halfway through my Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching education so I had a solid knowledge of what was going inside my body and how I could measure my neuro-musculoskeletal system in order to analyse it. 


Healing myself from this injury took time and hard work but it was a life altering process because it gave me a first-hand perspective of the recovery process. I discovered how all the parts of the body – the joints, nerves and muscles – work in pairs, and in turn in conjunction with each other, to make our body a fully integrated system. My recovery process led to me becoming a fitness coach and developing an interest in Olympic and power lifting and functional training.


By combining my passion for personal training and sports therapy with the information I learnt from my recovery, I have developed a holistic approach to guide my clients along their fitness and wellbeing journeys. My personal understanding of how valuable and rewarding the path to full fitness and wellbeing can be means I am dedicated to guiding others. 


It would be a privilege to work with you to fulfil your physical potential and I look forward to hearing from you.  

Educational Background

  • Current: Strenght & Conditioning Level ​4

  • Current: Apprentice Master Training, Biomechanics Education  Academy 

  • Olympic Lifting Advanced Exercises Prescription, Certificate 2020 

  • Advanced Spinal Manipulations, (Osteopathic Manipulations) 2017

  • Personal Training Diploma 2017

  • Biomechanics Coach, Diploma, 2016

  • Spinal Manipulations, (Osteopathic Manipulations) 2015

  • Advanced Medical Acupuncture, 2013

  • Medical Acupuncture, 2013

  • Sports and Remedial Massage Level 5 Diploma, 2010-2011 

  • Sports Massage, Level 3, 2007-2008

  • Indian Head Massage, Level 3 Diploma, 2007

  • Holistic Massage, Level 3 Diploma 2006-2007

  • Advanced Massage Techniques, 2007

  • Facial Rejuvenation, Level 3 Diploma, 2009

  • Gym Instructor, Level 2, 2006

Robin Windsor 
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I have been having treatments from Mesut for many years.  Mesut has excelled in helping me with not only body maintenance/massage/acupuncture but also rehabilitation from a back injury. Mesut prepared a rehab programme in the gym resulting in my personal fitness levels being at an all-time high. Having travelled considerably for work I have tried many massage therapists. I’m yet to find anyone better (and doubt I will)